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WAR is upon us!

England is in turmoil, and much of Europe has been drawn into the fray. Power is shifting, and there is no shortage of those seeking to seize opportunity in their fist. Yes, we are thick in the Wars of the Roses, and the outcome is yet uncertain.

What artifacts will survive these times? When the dust settles and we know peace once more, what will remain? In a hundred years, will a young boy take up the sword of Edward, or a young girl adorn herself with the jewels of Elizabeth? A crown, a gown, a chalice, a purse -- shall these things endure to remind the world of the nobles who used them?

Show us these artifacts then, we challenge you!

Artisans of the East, you are called to produce an item in any medium that would have belonged to any one of the major players in this great conflict. The entire span of the Wars is of interest to us, and we find delight in items both British and Continental. Document for us how your item was produced, and to whom it belonged, that we may ever remember the mighty who have gone before us.

A populace vote will be conducted throughout the competition, and the winning artisan will earn the A&S War Point for whichever side of the conflict they represent!

Their Excellencies Concordia shall also choose one artisan from among those who answer the challenge to stand as Their Champion of the Arts and Sciences.

Any questions may be directed to:

Lady Shannon inghaen Bhriain ui Dhuilleain
A&S Champion, Barony of Concordia of the Snows