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Concordians, Easterners and Visitors.

It is (will be) WAR!

Concordia is fortunate to have many talented artisans. Most of us enjoy exploring a variety of art or science forms. But we all have our favorite. Show us what new thing you have learned about your old favorite (within the past 2 years). Perhaps it’s a new technique or a new material. Perhaps you’ve redacted a new recipe* or tried a new brew. (Their Excellencies have declared that there will be no separate brewing competition this year, unless there are at least 5 entrants. This is your chance to compete.) If research is your passion, include a one-page summary that tells what it is about your discoveries that has excited you. All entrants should include a brief description of their project and how it relates to the Middle Ages.

So, have you conquered a new calligraphy hand, or become confident with a new embroidery stitch? Have you grown your own flax, or learned to spin silk? Did you finally walk away from your modern stove and oven and make your favorite recipe over a fire? Did you explore a different time period or part of the Knowne World? We want to see what you have been up to! (I could go on and on, but you get the idea.)

*Include a list of all ingredients. Food for tasting must be kept at safe temperatures. Limited outlets are available.

As usual, the competition will be held on Saturday afternoon at Roses. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you have been working on. The winner of the populous vote will win a prize from me, and the Baron and Baroness's choice will become the new A&S Champion.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Ose Silverhair
Concordia A&S Champion