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To all Brewers, Vintners, Maizers, and Other Artists of the Potable, to whom these presents come, greetings.

I, Lord John Kelton of Greyhorn, Guildmaster of The Honourable Company of Fermenters of the Barony of Concordia of the Snows and Baronial Champion of Brewing to Their Excellencies, Baron Jean-Paul Ducasse & Baroness Lylie Penhill, do challenge any and all who would seek the Honour of winning the Brewing competition.

If you believe yourself worthy of winning then this is the task I lay before you:

Research, Document, and Recreate a beverage appropriate to the SCA period. It may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. HOWEVER, as Their Excellencies have relayed, “Bring Us YOUR favorite, your best of any you do. We'll taste them all no matter what.” That said, it does not need to be period although that is preferred.

The competition will take place at the same time as the general brewing competition, and will use the same form.

All entries must be submitted on Saturday by the posted time.

[Non-alcoholic shall be defined as "any beverage whose total alcohol content does not exceed 1% by weight (1.2% by volume)]