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A note from Marshall in Charge of Fencing,
Master Caine Ramsey:

Fencers take note: You will be stickered with a white or a red rose after you’ve been inspected. It’s not dissimilar for the process at Pennsic. When you come to the Rapier Tent bring your authorization card and ALL of the weapons you plan to use FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. If something in your armor or weaponry changes during the event it must be inspected/re-inspected by a marshal before use. If you don’t have a sticker you will not be allowed to compete in the tourney.

Fencing Schedule


*6pm-9pm Inspections & Sign-in*

Boarding Melee 7pm
Warm up the weekend with some melee on the high seas! Board your enemie’s ship and drop their flag to claim their booty.
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie
Torchlight Tourney 9pm (after sunset):
This will be a round robin fought under torchlight with bulls-eye lanterns as a rigid parry device
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie
**Weather dependent**


*10am-11am Inspections & Sign-in*

Gambler's Tourney 11am:
This tourney will be a multi-form tournament with the combatants' weapons form to be determined by chance. Each combatant will throw dice to determine what forms they will bring. If you are not authorized in a form, you must default to single. Loaner weapons will be available.
Host: Master Grim the Skald
First Blood Tourney 12pm:
This tourney is a double elimination tourney focused on the use of ANY short blade that is 32inches in length from the tip of the blade to the cross piece of the sword. No secondary forms allowed, However, Daggers can be used as the primary weapon. So get ready to get up close and personal because it's time to dance cheek to cheek in the grand Concordian fashion.
Host: Master Caine Ramsey
Singles Champions Tourney 1pm:
Single-pass, double-elimination, bring-your-best tournaments, to select the best rapier fighters in the East for our Champions team. Re-fight double-kills once, and then have dead count as dead. Additionally, losses will be forgiven in the finals.
Host: Don Robert Tytes
Melee Practice and Champions Tryouts 2pm:
Drills and scenarios run by the Melee Champs Captain and deputies. Time is flexible and will likely run as long as there is interest
Cut and Thrust Tournament 3pm
This tournament will be fought under standard Eastern C&T rules. The format shall be a round robin with the top two fencers to fight out a best of 5 finals.
Host: Don Robert Tytes

** There will be plenty of oppertunity for melee throughout the day **


*10am-11am Inspections & Sign-in*

Baronial Rapier Champion Tournament 10am:
They say good things come in small packages. I say deadly things come in small packages.
This year’s “Short. But, deadly” tournament is for the honor of becoming the Baronial Rapier Champion of Concordia. The format will be a round robin single pass tourney, with the top four combatants advancing to the semi-finals. The semi -finals will randomly pair the top four combatants against each other in a best 2 out of 3 passes. The two surviving combatants will advance to the finals. The finals will be best of 5. With the victor being named our new Champion.
For more information look at the Tournament Format
Rapier & Roses 1pm-3pm:
Come join us for an annual favorite. Rapiers and Roses is a timed bear pit tourney. Fighters may choose to fight any other fighter in the open list for the duration of the tourney. Each win is worth 2 points. Each loss is worth 1 point. The victor of each match will provide a rose (provided by our host) to a gentle of the loser’s choice. Said gentle must be within the battlefield area of the site.
Host: Don Therion Sean Storie