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“Elegance in it's most simplistic form”

*Anyone who enters the tourney must be willing to commit to the duties of the baronial champion, and they must have no duties or fealties which would conflict with these duties. Any gentles who are not residents of the Barony of Concordia of the Snows who wish to compete for the championship must present themselves to Their Excellencies before the tourney.

Their Excellencies wish to remind all interested that a rapier is by definition a single-hand weapon. At Their command, longswords and similar weapons will not be allowed in the tourney. If you are interested in entering the Baronial champion competition, please read the Baronial champion requirements*

This year Baronial Rapier Tournament will be fought SINGLE RAPIER ONLY, even the finals. It will be run as a single elimination, wounds retained, dead-is-dead (no re-fights) tournament. Finalists will fight best of three bouts under the same tournament rules with the winner becoming the new Baronial Rapier Champion.

Please be aware that Her Excellency, Baroness Lylie of Penhyl will be watching closely so that she may offer a token to her choice of most elegant bout of the tournament.

Host: Lord Robert of Anglesper