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A note from Marshall in Charge of Heavy Weapons, Duke Tindal:

Fighters take note: You will be stickered with a white or a red rose after you’ve been inspected. It’s not dissimilar for the process at Pennsic. When you come to the Rapier Tent bring your authorization card and ALL of the weapons you plan to use FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. If something in your armor or weaponry changes during the event it must be inspected/re-inspected by a marshal before use. If you don’t have a sticker you will not be allowed to compete in the tourney.

Please familiarize yourself with the Policies of the Earl Marshall of the East Kingdom. (Offsite PDF link)

MIC: Duke Tindal

War of the roses

The fighters will be divided into forces of York and Lancaster.


9:30 AM - Inspections & Authorizations: Heavy List Field
10:00 AM - Claude the Frank Memorial Tourney: This is a great sword and polearm tournament only.
11:00 AM - Battle of St Albans: Fighting for control of the market square the fighter’s forces will enter through 10 foot wide passages into a 28 foot sided square center area. Each side will have a resurrection point 15 feet behind the entrance to their passages. The battle will be fought 3 times for 10 minutes each. War point credit given to the winning side with the best 2 out of 3 battles.
12:00 Second battle of St Albans: Attacker and defender scenario for time. Attackers must deliver a banner to a location. Attackers have unlimited restrictions, defenders have none. Flag bearer must have gauntlets. Clock stops when banner reaches market square. Each side will have a turn as an attacker and as defender, faster time wins war point.
1:30 Battle of Barnet: 3 field battles fought to the last fighter standing. War point credit given to the winning side with the best 2 out of 3 battles.
2:00 Battle of Stoke Field:
30 minute capture the flag
Two flags, scored by moving flag from your opponent’s flag base to your ownwhile your flag is still at your base. Total score at the end of the time wins the point.
3:00 PM- Pickups
Pick-ups may continue as long as there are marshals available.


9:30 AM - Armor Inspection
10:30 AM - Baronial Heavy Championship Tournament
12:00 PM - Tournament of Roses Double elimination The faction with the greater number of victories will be awarded the war point.