If you'd like to apply to be a merchant, please fill out the form below. All food merchants are required to have a liability policy that lists the site as a named insured. After your application is submitted and reviewed, you will be notified of whether or not you are approved to merchant at this event.All merchants who wish to be consered *must* apply via the form below. Please note, only applications received prior to May 1st will be included in the website and site book. Merchants must apply by May 19th to be considered for Wars of the Roses XXXVIII.

Wars of the Roses Merchants:


Kate's Kakes - Cupcakes, s'mores, and other sweet treats. We will also be offering hot breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7am-10am. There will be gluten-free* options for both breakfast and sweet treats!

*We do use gluten in our bakery. We will guarantee that we won’t add gluten to the items designated "gluten-free" and we follow standard sanitizing procedures to avoid cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee a gluten-free kitchen.

Mongolian Wok - Mongolian BBQ plus similar items and sides related to the theme, like funnel cakes with ginger sugar, Mongolian Nachos, and Szechuan Guacamole with wonton chips.


Sunshadow Designs - I make reproductions of period jewelry, dress accessories and housewares. I make SCA award medallions, coronets, Laurel Wreaths, and other regalia. I make reproduction historical knives as well as Damascus steel dress and hunting knives. I make SCA list legal fencing weapons and RBGs, and I sell SCA list legal fencing blades

Panther Dragon Inc. - Leather goods, jewelry, dice

shopping4meandu - Jewelry, bags, beads, clothing, and I do onsite consignment of clothing, etc.

Darkmoon Metals, LLC - Copper and Steel roses - Marshal tools - Stainless steel forks, spoons, egg spoons - Hand made swords (with SCA safe blades for fencing) - Portable holes - Hooks and other forged items.

The Shire Co-op - Sheep product (fleece, wool, roving), maple syrup products, handmade jewelry, local honey and products, soaps and lotions locally sourced/farm grown ingredients), iron worked products, specialty lumber for projects, finished wood products, fabric bundles, loose tea made from local farms, farm made candy