Shopping War points have been a tradition at War of the Roses for many years now. Our Marketplace continues to thrive and this year will be no exception! Please check out the merchants who have already committed to coming out this year!

Wars of the Roses Merchants:

Food Merchants

Mongolian Wok - Mongolian BBQ plus similar items and sides related to the theme! Try our Thai favorites (Tom Khar Gai soup and Thai chicken salad) and Szechuan Guacamole, plus a new for this year Char Siu Banh Mi (Chinese BBQ pork Vietnamese-style sandwich), as spicy or mild as you wish. We will be open for lunch and dinner from Friday until Sunday of the event *and* we’ll be open for breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday from 8-10 AM each day.

War of the Roses XL Merchant List

Ancient Threads Farm - fleece and fiber, raw and finished, natural hand dyed fibers, hand dyed and natural yarn, felting kits, beginning drop spindle kits.

Lui na Greine Feirme - farmstand goods, semiprecious historically inspired jewelry, handcrafted wood and bone sewing needles, consignment garb, woven trim, persona accessories and craft wood items.

Norn Wearving - Handwoven, small batch and one of a kind finished goods based on patterns from historical finds, with a heavy focus on the Viking and Migration eras. We offer shawls, scarves, bags, other costume pieces, home goods, and more.

Podling's Place - Garb and accessories, jewelry, buttons and bags

Silverhand Jewelry - Viking era jewelry and hacksilver

Strongford Arts - Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Jewelry and accouterments based on extant finds.

If you would like to vend at War of the Roses, please fill out the form via the link provided. Keep in mind that merchandise should be kept in the spirit of the SCA and be historical in nature. Items that are too modern in theme will be asked to be removed. Please note that while there is no vending fee, we do ask (if you are able) to bring non-perishable food items for Paladin's Pantry. General suggestion would be $20 worth. If you have commission items please note that on the application as well. We are trying to make sure that there is balance of items available to the populace. To that end, if items are not listed on the application you may be required to remove them from your table.

All applications must be received by May 1st, 2020 in order to be included on the website and in the printed site book. Final deadline to apply for a vending spot is May 19th, 2020

*** Merchant Form ***

Merchants may begin setting up Thursday May 21st, 2020