Arts & Sciences Competition

Lady Judith le Alefondere

The journey of learning in the Arts and Sciences of the SCA is sometimes a winding and bumpy road. The first time you finish a project you proclaim “I made this – isn’t it great !” to everyone far and near. Then you realize that maybe it could be better. So you make another one, or a dozen, or so many many more that you lost count. With each one you get better. Someday, perhaps, you are/will be known far and wide for your skills.

This year’s challenge is to “Bring us your Best… and your Worst!

I want to see or hear about the first time you made what you are entering. If you have the original object, Great! If that object was lost to the sands of time, or consumed for those that are consumable like food, drink, candles, or other such ephemeral items – then a photo, a description or a testimony from someone(s) who knows of the item is acceptable.

Of course I want to see and read about how far on the journey you have gotten, and where you would like to be going forward. So if you are still traveling the road and don’t think your skill is ready yet, never fear. This is not about perfection, it is about the journey. So all are invited to enter – beginner, novice/apprentice and expert. I am personally supplying a prize for each level of the journey.

I look forward to seeing your entries and reading/talking to you about your journey.

Yours In Service – Lady Judith le Alefondere