Arts & Sciences Champion

From THL Eleanor Grey – current Baronial A&S Champion:

“Greetings unto the populace of the Barony of Concordia of the Snows! As I am sure you have now heard War of the Roses will be taking place in the ethereal realm this year, and so shall the next Baronial A&S Competition. As your current champion I have the honor and pleasure of presenting you with the theme for this challenge. Over this difficult year the Dream that in the SCA has continued, although different than we have known it. This year’s challenge theme, The Dream, reflects that. You are free to interpret this challenge however you will, so long as you include in your documentation submission how you interpreted it. Is there an aspect of your art you have put off trying, but always wanted to? Have you been saving a special set of materials for half of forever for “the right project”? Have you been dreaming something up this last year that you’ve been waiting for a return to in person events to show off? I would love to see any of these projects, and others I haven’t begun to think of, that reflect your view of the Dream that is the SCA.Entries must be completed no later than one week before the event, Saturday May 22nd. This is a hard deadline and no exceptions will be made for late entries. Photos of you work and documentation should be sent to”

*the deadline is a hard deadline due to the time requirements for appropriate judging and technical needs via ethereal means*