Rapier Champion

Master Robert Tytes

Baronial Rapier Champs

Those wishing to compete to serve as their Excellencies Rapier Champion pay heed.

This tournament shall be fought as a series of bouts with matched forms to display the breadth of your skill.

Combatants shall fight in a round robin format with a new form for each new opponent.

The order of the forms shall be as follows:
Round 1 knife fight
Round 2 single sword
Round 3 two hander
Round 4 rigid or non-rigid parry
Round 5 case or sword and dagger

The top four fighters from this shall fight is a single elimination bracket with call and response forms.

The semi-finals shall be for best of three and the finals shall be for best of five.

There will be weapons available for loan for those in need. If you lack an authorization on the day of, you may attempt to authorize before the tourney but make sure to show up with enough time beforehand. If you lack the authorization, you can bring a previously allowed form, but you will not gain points if you win that bout.

The Baronial champion is expected to attend Baronial court for the next year, fight in the Baronial Champs tournament at Pennsic, and organize the tournament to decide their successor. Anyone not living in the Barony may be expected to swear fealty for the duration of their tenure and should discuss it with their Excellencies.