Scribal Challenge

Greetings Scribes and Calligraphers! Are you looking for a fun way to practice or perhaps try something new? Weeeellllllll have I got a challenge for you! WotR Scribal Challenge! Complete a scroll blank and send it to me (mailing address below) by May 21st 2021. *please note that the blank can be either illumination or calligraphy* I’ll present them all to Their Excellencies Concordia who will select Their favorite. Bonus points if you tried something new to you (like squashed bug or a new hand) The scribe that created the favorite scroll gets a prize box! Prize box will include largesse from Their Excellencies and some scribal stuff from me. scroll parameters: Scroll size- any Illumination style – any Script – any Basically go nuts and have fun! Try something new and tell us about it but ultimately HAVE FUN! I look forward to getting lots of mail containing beautiful creations! ~Anne

Bridgette Griggs 830 Pinewood Ave Schenectady NY 12309