Archery Champion

From THL Douglas Doan current Baronial Archery Champion:

Greetings Good Gentles! It’s time to compete and see who will become Concordia’s next Baronial Archery Champion! The target theme of this year is catching coins in midair from a bowl that has been knocked over by a mischievous Pan! (It is a static paper target, so some imagination is required)  In addition to the honor of representing Concordia as the Baronial Archery Champ, I will award the winner a coin from the 3rd century BCE ancient Greek city Panticapaeum. The coin features a bow and arrow on one side, with a depiction of the city’s namesake “Pan” in profile on the reverse (along with few centuries of patina)

The preliminary rounds this year will be done at official practices, but can also be done individually if you have access to a safe and appropriate space for archery. You have until 5/16 to submit your scores. The top two scorers will face off on 5/22 or 5/23 (weather dependent) at an official practice. Full details on score submission are listed at the end of the announcement.

Special thanks to Concordia’s Company Captain of Archers Lord John Fitz Thomas for coordinating practices! May your aim be true! 

Full Details & Rules:

Who can participate? 
Anyone who desires the honor of being the Baronial Champion and will meet the champion’s duties is welcome. Those outside the borders of Concordia must contact their excellencies to make their intentions known. Email:

What are the duties of the Baronial Archery Champ? 
The duties include acting as the bearer and custodian of the champ’s regalia (sash and arm guard), standing among the champions during court at events with Baronial court (typically Ceilidh and Roses) and planning and running the competition to select the next champion. Under normal circumstances, the champion also represents Concordia at the Baronial Archery Tournament held at Pennsic. Due to the cancellation of Pennsic for 2021 and depending upon the timing of the next competition, this year’s winner may not get that opportunity. But, they will receive their own ancient archery-themed Greek coin! 

What are the full rules of the shoot? Print target on 8.5*11 paper (standard printer paper). 
Distance 10 yards, 6 arrows, no time limit. 
Multiple attempts allowed. Submit your best score. The top two scorers will face off on 5/22 or 5/23 (weather dependent) using the same target and rules.
Scoring: bowl +1, big coins +3, small coins +5, hitting the paper -1. Missing target +0. The same coin/bowl can be hit multiple times and scores each time. Hitting the line favors the archer (e.g., If you hit the edge of the small coin and the bowl with a single arrow, it is only worth +5 not +6) 

Where can I find the target? The target can be downloaded from this link

How do I submit my score? Please submit your score by the end of the day on 5/16/21. Please submit only one score. Only the first score received will be counted. You should receive a confirmation email within 4 days. Please use the subject line BAC “your score” “preferred title and your name”
for example, I would use “BAC score 20 THL Douglas Doan”. Please email the scores and any questions to THL Douglas