Heavy Champion

Thaddeus the Seer

As war approaches in the East Kingdom, Concordia of the Snows once again seeks a champion to brave the battles to come. Only one warrior can rise to the top for a chance to serve the barony. All who take on the challenge will have their cunning and grit tested in the list. The fighters face a gruesome quest to search for the ultimate weapon; could it become yours? Believe in your power and reach for victory!

Free-For-All to the last fighter standing
Bring your best Round Robin
Great weapon semi-final
Single Saber final best out of 5.

The Baronial champion is expected to attend Baronial court for the next year, fight in the Baronial Champs tournament at Pennsic, and organize the tournament to decide their successor. Anyone not living in the Barony may be expected to swear fealty for the duration of their tenure and should discuss it with their Excellencies.