Baronial Champions

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Be it known to Goode Gentles all:

To compete to be a Baronial Champion you must:

  1. Consider yourself a Concordian, either by living within the geographic boundaries of the barony OR by identifying yourself as a Concordian through allegiance.
  2. Declare your intent to be a Baronial Champion at the tournament or by entering the competition.

A Baronial Champion is expected to:

  1. Be willing to commit to the duties of the baronial champion, and must have no duties or fealties which would conflict with these duties.
  2. Attend the majority of Concordian events and participate in any Baronial Court held at those events.
  3. If needed- attend the Baron and Baroness at some out of Barony events, including Pennsic if possible.
  4. Wear the regalia of your position.
  5. Organize next year’s Baronial Champion tourney/competition to choose your successor.
  6. Lead the Concordian units in battle if the Baron or Baroness is unable to do so.

Please see the links above for competition descriptions for your chosen area.