Roses University

There is a wonderful tradition of holding a wide variety of classes at Roses. This year all classes will be tough via zoom in a breakout room due to the virtual nature of the event.

Are you up for volunteering an hour or so to teach someone else about that thing that you love to do? We can accommodate almost anything. Just ask. Do you need outdoor space? We’ve got that. Sheltered space? We’ve got that. Access to electricity? Yup. Water? Good light? Yup, yup. Space to spread out? We can accommodate you. Extra long class time for complicated or advanced projects? Perhaps a part 1 and part 2? We can handle that, too. If you can think up a class, we can figure out how to make it happen.

To register your class, please email our autocrat with your class title, description, ages it is appropriate for, any materials fee, any special needs, how long you need, your preferred time (give me 2 choices).

The schedule will be posted closer to the event. Thank you for your patience!