Fencing Tourneys

Friday 7:30 pm

“Brawl at DeSiena’s Tavern”
Co-Hosted by Dona Lorita deSiena and Pan Mikulaj von Meissen – Firehouse

Can’t a girl just enjoy a day with friends over, partaking in the latest round of her wares? Apparently not, because even with the “check your weapons at the door” rule, a fight has broken out in the tavern! Lorita will reward the person who puts an end to the chaos with a bottle or two from her private reserve.

This tournament will be fought as a Roman melee. Combatants start seated at a table, with secondary weapons on the table. Primary weapons are located elsewhere in the room. Permitted secondary weapons are those that would have been available inside a tavern: dagger, goblet/tankard, cloak, cane/stick. Buckler, spear, and case are not permitted. In keeping with the spirit of a tavern brawl, there will be a five second countdown before “lay on” is called in which combatants are encouraged to throw shade/call out insults (keep it PG-13). When combat begins, you may only pick up your own weapons. Two melee rounds will be run. The final will be the “last ones standing” facing off in single elimination. A double kill in the final will be re-fought once. The tournament prize is home-brewed nonalcoholic ginger beer.


9:30 AM

Field Opens for Inspections and Pick-up Fights!

10:30 AM

“To the Pain Tournament”
Hosted by Provost Lady Ulfrun Isolfrdottir – Fencing Field

  1. Random pairings
  2. 1 wounding shot per bout
  3. Wounds retained
  4. Double wounds get refought once, if there is another double both fencers take the wound
  5. Kill shots do not count
  6. Head shots count as an eye
  7. Once you loose both eyes and both hands/arms you are out, but can remain on the sidelines as a heckler
  8. Last people with the fewest injuries go on the final: “I Want My Father Back You Son Of A Bitch” Participants receive a miracle and are healed, then fight to the death. Tournament is single only.

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Roaming Tourney
Hosted by Master Robert of Tytes – locations around site

To all true peoples of the mighty Houses of York and Lancaster we have come to a crisis. While the matter of succession may be decided formally by the whims of the battlefield, the heart of the English peoples will be decided in the alleys and taverns of its cities.

Take to the streets with your swords and your friends and claim the city for your own.

This event will be a roaming tournament happening across the event site from 11-1 on Saturday. There will be five designated list set out across the site that will be fought over during the day. Fencers will roam in groups challenging other participants to either single passes or small melees to score points for their declared side and take control of the lists. Each person in a group may not fight more than once per list either in a melee or single bout. After finishing their bouts, both groups must flee the scene to avoid getting caught by the town guard and having their points seized.

Points will be awarded based on the number of combatants killed on each side either in single passes or melees. The side that wins the last fight in the list will “gain control” of that list till another two groups show up to contest it. There will also be bonus points awarded per list controlled by each side at the end of the time.

2:00 PM

Pennsic Champs Tryout Tournament

3:00 PM

By the Book
Hosted by Alastar Tucker – Fencing List

“A casual Historical Fencing tournament. Prize for the Truest to Form! Share your area of study, show it off in your fight, and vote with the other participants to determine who stuck to their style the best!”


9:30 AM

Field Opens at 9:30 for Inspections and Pick-up Fights!

10:00 AM

“Gamblers Tourney ~ “Throw the dice and take your chances”
Hosted by Master Grim the Skald

This tourney will be a multi-form tournament with the combatants’ weapons form to be determined by chance. Each combatant will throw dice to determine what forms they will bring. If you are not authorized in a from you must default to single. Loaner weapons will be available.

11:00 AM

Baronial Champs

1:00 PM

Rapiers and Roses
Hosted by Don Therion Sean Storie

Come join us for an annual favorite. Rapiers and Roses is a timed bear pit tourney. Fighters may choose to fight any other fighter in the open list for the duration of the tourney.

Each win is worth 2 points.
Each loss is worth 1 point.

The victor of each match will provide a rose (provided by our host) to a gentle of the losers choice. Said gentle must be within the battlefield area of the site.